With or without

...this dress from Land's End Signature is smashing whether you like it with a belt or without. What a fabulous little spring number to dress up in so many ways. And of course...it's got those stripes you know I adore so much. 

Do you think it would be silly to have an all stripey wardrobe :)

Update 3/24/11 - As of now, this dress seems to be sold out :(


  1. OH my God! So funny you posted about this dress! I almost bought it this weekend on my trip to Sears, it is so beautiful!! I think I should go back and get it. Its real well made too.:)

  2. Oh my god!! That is so awesome Laura!! I absolutely love it! I might have you pick one up for me. SO versatile and I LOVE LOVE those stripes!

  3. Words can't describe how rad this dress is! When you see it person you will love it even more. I will buy it for you if you like:)

  4. Do you think it will still be around in April when I come for Handmade Arcade?