Controversy of the day

I'm finally getting a chance to go through the Spring Fashion issue of NY Mag (it's AWESOME, by the way) and there is an interesting article on street-style bloggers Scott Schuman and Garance Dore...who presumably everyone knows by now, are a couple. Have you read the article? Are you familiar with these 2 as a couple?  I'm such a fan of what they do...but lately they have been getting some really negative press for being, well, kind of pretentious jerks (he, in particular, can come off as a controlling, boorish pill).

What do you think? I'm not sure I care much what they act like as long as they keep doing what they do so well...but it doesn't help to think they are kind of a-holes.


  1. yeah...i've read a few unflattering things about him in the past few yrs..esp since he started dating her...I guess his other marriage didn't fare so well *because* of his meetings w. garance....and yeah, he does seem a bit machiavelli, doesn't he? Hopefully she's level-headed and can think for herself!

    i still haven't received my spring issue but can't wait now!

  2. I haven't either !! But we got our copy at the library and I could not resist taking a peek. You will love it!!

    As for him ... and them. I'm pretty much 'who cares' about it. She's a grown woman and if he is as bad as they say, well, I'm sure it won't last 'cause she'll be out of there. Kind of hard to argue the pleasure I get from what they do so very well...and from my perspective, that's all that matters.

    And by the way, isn't everyone in fashion kind of massively pretentious.