when's summer getting here?

I'm sure I'm totally late on this..but just saw the Kate Spade summer preview at Oh Joy! and....LOVE everything.... esp. the bracelet and the cutey camera bag!  Cannot wait for June to roll around!  :)
PS: I'm a little slow with catching up on blogs lately...I'm afraid this is just a preview of what life will be like post-Jack....(all wonderful obviously, but you know me and how i like to be  in-the-know...Katie, you'll have to be my eyes/ears for the next year!...kidding and not kidding)


  1. Any sentence with the words 'Kate Spade' and 'summer' is A OK with me!! KS has just been blowing me away lately and the summer stuff is completely gorgeous!

    I will do my best to be your eyes and ears while you are busy preparing for Jack KJ!! It's a big responsibility ... after all, I get a lot of inspiration, well, from you!! But that's the great thing about Ooh La La Dujour...all sorts of things can happen but things that we adore will always be here.

    Counting the minutes until Jack arrives!

  2. there's no one else i would trust more than you...to be my eyes & ears! it would be a disaster for anyone else... seriously, if i ever go blind/deaf... you'll have to live w. me! :)

  3. Don't tempt me KJ. Just sayin...

    And I consider it the highest compliment to be your eyes and ears...but if I know you, no matter how busy you are, you will always find the time to search out all the wonderful things we love!