The more, the merrier

I have a feeling this post won't be news to most but I can't help doing it. So, Wegmans is finally carrying Chobani Greek yogurt (I know, what took them so long, right?) I discovered the wonderfulness this weekend and loaded up the fridge with all my favorite flavors (pomegranate=a reason to live). Obviously, this Greek yogurt trend is here to stay (thank heavens) and while there are some pretty junky varieties out there, Chobani is excellent. Right up there with the gold standard set by Fage as far as I'm concerned. But the real reason I am doing this post is something Chris pointed out when he saw me eating from the little tub this weekend. Maybe this just hit me because I am Greek but he reminded me that the word 'Chobani' is derived from the Greek word for 'shepherd'. Shepherds being such a big part of the culture (and my father having been one of the 'turkey' variety when he was a young)...I just about fell over...so incredibly well-named and adorable :)

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