i've always wanted....

...a Comme des Garcons wallet.  Always.  For like...Forever!  
I really like this one from Opening Ceremony.
Cute, non?...Very Valentine-y.
Oh, I also think wallets definitely fall into the Holy Grail List.  I've never found THE one.  There's always issues at some point in our relationship and then I must abandon them...Usually I overfill and basically blow them up or I must mistreat them in some way cause they always end up ratty.
Anyway, that's my 2cents on wallets.  :)


  1. Love this post...and adore this wallet. Goodnight it's gorgeous!

    Wallets are totally a holy grail item and like any good holy grail item, when you find it, you hang on to it for dear life. In my case, the void was finally filled (after 20+ years of searching and too many wallets to even discuss) by a glorious gift from my mom...LV Sarah Wallet.My life is now complete...and I could not this wallet more. 5 year later and it is as gorgeous as the day I got it..and I SWEAR, I am better with my money because of it :)


  2. i know, i know.. The LV wallet would solve all my problems. I knew that already. sigh. i have no idea why i never bought one. well, i have one guess: they are kinda pricey for being such "small" pieces....

    i should have bought it when i was there in July....did i tell you got a very nice bag for my mom though? :)

    although i could very well rationalize that all the money i spend on other wallets would probably equal out to the LV wallets. :)

    Just as I don't EVER need any other REAL handbags EVER again (thanks to LV!)....the wallet situation would be taken care of if i actually bought one.

    sorry to ramble. i need to justify a purchase like this.... :)

    thanks for your brilliant remarks! :)

  3. Oh KJ, I totally know where you are coming from. I mean it's easy for me to wax poetic about this wallet...it was a gift. And boy they aren't cheap. In fact, the story of my mom getting it for me was kind of funny...so she had already decided she was going to get me an LV wallet while she was in Athens. One day while she was in Greece, I get a call from her. She told me she was calling from a pay phone outside the LV shop because she wanted to know if I still wanted the wallet...given that for a very few extra bucks she could get me a whole bag. I struggled for a minute...but then decided to go for the wallet. A very tough decision...but one that I have not regretted :)

  4. Speaking of all this...do you or anyone out there have any idea why wallets, at seemingly ever high end hand handbag company are always so very expensive as compared to the bags themselves. Sometimes the are even more.

  5. my best guess would be that wallets actually take more work/time to put together... the bags are bigger and probably easier to "cut"/assemble...whereas wallets have more of the intricate work inside/outside....

    what do you think of my answer?

    oh!!! LOVE your story about your mom, the payphone (classic!) and the LV store. I could actually picture myself doing THE EXACT SAME THING!
    Very hard decision...but such a WISE choice!!! Brilliant..again!

  6. You know that would be my exact guess too KJ. That because they are smaller, they just take more time and trouble to make. Maybe one of our brilliant readers will chime in with more info. but at this point, I'm pretty satisfied with that answer :)

    I have to admit, I love that 'payphone' story too. My mom was just so awesome because she had just (like maybe 6 months before) bought me this gorgeous LV bag...and then she got it into her head that I needed an LV wallet to match. And you know, she was right!