Second chances

...they happen so rarely in fashion. Miss a gem the first time around and your kind of out of luck. Not at Target though. It's been the talk for a while and Fashionista has a post this morning with the 34 looks that were part of Target's past GO international collection....dresses in particular that flew off the shelves, leaving anyone who didn't think fast in the dust. These are just a few of my faves. Mark your calendars 'cause they'll be available starting March 13...and a 3rd chance just isn't likely :)


  1. How cool! You have to love target, this is so nice of them. I'll take all the dresses shown above.:)

  2. I totally remember the 3rd one...by Thakoon...the blue and green and I loved it! All under 50 bucks too. On and I really love the 1st one...the combo. with the shoes is fantastic!