Cutest coin purse

I spotted (and fell in love) with this adorable little coin purse from Radley on a rare excursion to the mall yesterday. A scottie dog on a sailboat?!? Did someone have me in mind when they designed this? L.O.V.E

Just as an aside, I said a 'rare' trip to the mall because I hardly ever go in the winter. The weather is just too 'who knows'...that plus it's also property tax\post-holiday time, so I'm very careful with those bucks. But Chris and I went so he could check out the Apple store (and this is the part I am so excited about) because in the next few months he is going to be purchasing a complete system (monitor, computer, scanner, printer) so  he can work and print a backlog of 20+ years of brilliant negatives he has accumulated. Stay tuned for his progress...it will be well worth it because his work is simply stunning.

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