best news i've heard in weeks....

I really needed to hear good news from ...somewhere..anywhere!...and it seems this might have to do:  Apple is holding an "event" on March 2nd to unveil the new iPad2!
I've held off this long and thank god it's coming SOON!...
I also heard iPad3 wasn't too far off, but I won't worry about that right now..
I just want my iPad!


  1. Are you going to take the plunge KJ? I can't even tell you how much I want one. How will I resist? I probably won't :)

  2. oh, yeah! i've been salivating for months now and held off because i knew #2 wasn't far off and was going to be much better than the first! hooray!
    just like i'm holding off on the verizon iphone #5.... but i might not get that because the ipad is so much cooler! love the ipad! :)