Holy Grail item #12

KJ and I are both huge huge fans of flats and I know we've talked about how it is a definite member of our 'holy grail' club (right up there with the perfect jeans, bra and wallet :) These days there is just an abundance of gorgeous ballet flats...it's kind of a 'flat lovers paradise'. That said, I have a very strict criteria for my most perfect ballet-style flat and that might be attributed in part to my youth, which was spent in many many ballet shoes. That is, it has to look as close to a real, authentic ballet shoe as possible...for my money, the LL Bean Signature version (right down to the color and elastic opening) has them all beat. Love!


  1. my biggest things about ballet flats is that they have to have a nice look at the cap area... if the opening is too wide...well, it makes my feet look wide and i cannot stand that!
    that's what happened when i tried on the gap flats from last year.

    these look promising... love the color too! many thanks!

  2. See...everyone has their criteria for the perfect ballet flat. I totally agree on the Gap flats...they had so much potential but when I tried them on...well, they just looked like slippers.