A proposal...to our friends and readers

For some time now, I have been toying with a concept that is quite popular on many many other blogs...the 'guest blogger'. I haven't really discussed this with you KJ but I am hoping you might like the idea. Basically, I was thinking that 1 time a month, I'd like to open up Ooh La La Du Jour to a guest blogger ...someone we know and love...someone who knows and loves Ooh La La Du Jour. I have at least a handful of people in mind and off the top of my head, who I think would make great contributions on things that they love. My short list includes names you've heard me mention frequently...Laura, J.p, Allison (aka strawberryluna). All these folks already know the concept of this blog...it's really quite simple...write about something you adore. You've seen KJ and I do it...and you know it runs the gamut...fashion, food, books, films, art, shopping, sports, music. You can write bunches...or just a few words. It's all up to you. Ooh La La Du Jour has always been about things we love...how about people we love too?

What do you think KJ?

*Wonderful print by flapperdoodle

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