Sneaks for B.E.

This post is for a certain someone who has amassed quite a collection of New Balance sneaks over the years. I think this print from Neal McCullough will speak to him.

Smell of summer

I was quite inspired by Katie's post yesterday about beaches. For me, summer wouldn't be summer without the smell of Coppertone. Since I can't go around lathered in beachy sunscreen all day, I wear Bobbi Brown's beach. I'm not a very perfume-y person, but I absolutely adore this fragrance. I tell you, I think Kramer had the right idea when he wanted to capture the smell of the beach... (Maybe Bobbi consulted with him).

Philosophy of a Milkshake

Many moons ago, Ms. Macaron gave me a gift of Philosophy products. I still remember it. I really wasn't familiar with the brand but the present was so cool. It had the all important clean and uncomplicated packaging (a key word you read a lot on this blog) and lots of text 'philosophizing' about the products...which were, of course, amazing. I used every drop of every lotion and potion that was in that nifty, lunch-box style packaging. Obviously, I became hooked on their products. I could probably start a blog dedicated only to Philosophy, but for the purposes of Ooh La La Du Jour, I will only mention my absolute favortie...the 3-in1, shampoo, body wash and bubble bath line. Normally, I can't stand beauty products that try to do more that one thing (either be a shampoo or conditioner...ya' can't do both well) but this is the exception. I also don't like overly sweet or food-y type scents...but this is the exception. Truly a miracle product that makes getting in the shower each and every morning a real pleasure, I particularly love the 'Strawberry Milkshake' scent.

strawberryluna strikes again!

Is this print not amazing?!? I recently ordered a piece from my favorite Etsy artist strawberryluna (who I've waxed poetic about before). Not only did I get the gorgeous print I ordered, but she threw in this piece titled 'Summer 2009'. I absolutely love it and Allison may be the nicest person in the world. This one is going in my dining room. So excited to hang it this weekend!

*By the way, if you order from strawberryluna, she includes all these cool little stickers and toys in your package. So fun!


The Master and his Masterpiece

There are filmmakers. There are directors. There is the film industry as it exists today. And then there is Wong Kar Wai. Of all the filmmakers currently working , there is no greater artist and no greater storyteller and simply put, no one who understands the medium at his level. Growing up in Hong Kong, Wong Kar Wai acquired a background in photography and art...and it shows. His films will take your breath away. His filmography goes back to the late 80's and is packed with inventive storytelling and brilliant cinematography. However, it is his masterpiece,
In the Mood for Love which catapulted him into the spotlight. In the Mood for Love is easily the most visually powerful film I have ever seen...and yet it is so subtle. Every frame is a perfect photograph. WKW leaves no stone unturned in this film. His choice of music is haunting and original. The wardrobe is stunning, as WKW dresses beautiful Maggie Cheung in luxurious cheongsam dresses. The script involves a simple twist on a common love story and is supported by the most elegant dialogue.

I recall the evening I went to see this film. It was the winter of '02 and my friend, Chris, asked if I wanted to check it out. It was miserably cold outside and I had no interest (I just wasn't familiar with WKW at that time). He assured me it would be worth it. He had previously seen the trailer and thought it might be a remarkable film...and since I trust his taste implicity, I did as he said. He was right and I've thanked him many times for that evening. It was one of the most memorable film experiences I've ever had and renewed my belief that some filmmakers are artists first.

*Ms. Macaron and I went back and forth on who would post on In the Mood for Love and Won Kar Wai (since we both adore him). In the end, I took it on. I only hope I have done him and his film justice. There just aren't enough good words to express how profound a filmmaker I believe he is.

Criterion Collection

I love browsing through the Criterion Collection. They are always beautifully packaged, inside & out and I enjoy seeing which movie will be on the list next. Visit their website & then click onto The Auteurs, an online network for film lovers (you can watch free movies!)

UPDATE: B&N is having a 50% off sale of the Criterion Collection

Born to Beach!

It's summer...so I have one thing on my mind...the
I don't know if there is any place I would rather be than the beach. It almost doesn't even matter which one, though I do have some real favorites. A few that come to mind...Kiawah Island (10 miles of untouched shore off the coast of South Carolina, pictured below)...Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys...Buttonwood Bay in Key Largo. I have always considered myself pretty hard working and industrious. That said, if the opportunity arose, I could become a beach bum tomorrow. I adore the lovely blue-greens of the ocean water, the warm tropical air, the hot, hot sun. I love the scent of sunscreen. I long to be sitting on the shore with a favorite magazine...going into the water for a refreshing swim, from time to time. My favorite time of day to be at the beach is around 3-4pm. The sun is just beginning its descent and it shimmers off the water in the most beautiful and soothing way. Some of my best memories in life are time spent at the beach with my family...especially my sister, who is joyously enjoying our place in the Keys in the picture above.


Portrait of a Pepper

By now, you get the pattern...I love photography and I love portraits. That said, I love Edward Weston. Probably most famous for his 'portraits' of various inanimate objects, it his photograph of a pepper, in all its magnificence, that is his most recognized. I'm not sure when a vegetable has looked so gorgeous. I especially like when it is juxtaposed against his famous nude. The similarities between the two subjects are so startling through his eye that I feel equally connected to human as I do to vegetable.

Form and Function

Sigg bottles are the perfect combination of design and function. With landfills jammed full of those plastic, BPA ladden bottles, these eco-friendly, aluminum, reusable conterparts are beautiful and fun to drink from. I am convinced anything you put in one tastes better than if you drank it any other way. I have them at work, at home, at the gym...wherever I'm likely to need a little H20 break.

I (really do) Love Lucy

I grew up watching the show (in reruns). I've seen each and every episode about 7 million times. I think she was a comedic genius like no other (with a brilliant cast to boot). It is my favorite show of all time. There is just no way around it... I LOVE LUCY!


If you are anything like me, then you get pretty sick of cleaning. Sometimes I just don't understand how things can get so dirty in a household with 2 adults who are hardly ever home. The only saving grace, as far as cleaning goes, for me, are the products by Method. I actually like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom because these products are so great. Not only do they have the all-important fantastic packaging, they have inventive scents and they really do the job without the harshness of other chemical ladden products. I absolutely swear by them!

Lunch Box for Adults

Normally I don't go over the moon for 'Tupperware' type things but my new Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker is the best thing that's happened to my lunch in a long time. This was a recent birthday gift from a co-worker who got used to me complaining about forgetting my salad dressing at home, among my other lunch-time crisis. This 'lunch box' is amazing. It has a built in compartment for a fork and knife, a reservoir to store your dressing (just the perfect amount, I might add) and a cold pack to keep everything crisp and cool. Plus, it holds the perfect amount of salad. Great packaging for a great meal.

Old favorites

Do you have a favorite go-to item? Something that you would wear to bed if you could? Well, that certain item for me is my ultimate favorite pair of sandals. This isn't just any pair of sandals...They were made by Stavros Melissinos, The Poet Sandal Maker of Athens. My pair doesn't look half as nice as this pair in the photo...Mine are practically on their way out...but I will continue to wear them until they fall apart. That's how much I love my sandals. I have noticed that Stavros is taking online orders, but I'm not sure how much I trust their ordering system. Oh, well... I guess I'll just have to wait til I go back to Athens someday.

Speaking of men.....

A most fabulous Brit. How can you not love Mr. Bean?

Italian boys

Might I interest you in a ride? As told through the lens of The Sartorialist.......

blushed away

Here's a new item I purchase last weekend. It's a blush called Thrrob from benefit. They know how to create the best blushes. Benetint & Dandelion have always been my go-to products for cheeks, but this newest color is just as good. Take a look...


Toronto is an all around fantastic city & my best memories of Toronto include Ms. KatieP. I've always said Toronto is the most manageable city in the world. On my first visit, I found my way around downtown easily, which is amazing in itself...esp for a large city. The diverse ethnic groups make the city into a world bazaar of sorts. Their Chinatown thrives & Greektown is bustling with all the wonderful smells of yummy Greek cuisine. The best loukoumades can be had here! And the shopping is as good as it gets, w. Bloor Street being a great crossroads to all the major Canadian labels. One of my all time favorites was when Katie & I went to Toronto just for dinner. How cool is that?


I'm a HUGE sucker for good packaging...and I especially love good makeup packaging. It's all about the little details. Korres does everything right--starting w/ the beautiful package. I've been in love with them for a long while now & even had the pleasure of trekking down to their tiny pharmacy when I was in Athens a few years ago ( I have a small thing about going to the actual store location to buy certain products). Anyway, their website has some great offers if you order online.

Everything's perfect

Can it get better than this? Love everything about this shot: the font, color scheme, location.
Bravo, J.Crew!


I received a Boden catalogue in the mail yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the selections inside. The catalogue was quite nice looking too. I liked their jacket & coat selections the best and there were several other pieces (minis & ankle skimmers) that peaked my fancy. Take a look online & be sure to request a catalogue.

Wes Anderson

I love Wes Anderson's films. His talents are limitless and his signature style is incorporated into all his movies. The lush saturation of colors, the quirky characters.....they're all a feast for the senses. I hear he's coming out with an animated feature in November based on Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox. Also check out this blog dedicated to all things Anderson. It's quite amusing.


Meet Pete Wiggins, the smartest five year old you'll ever encounter. When this commercial first came out a few yrs ago, I fell in love with him! I have a weakness for chubby cheeked children. Watch him at his best.

A Letterpress Throwback

Pistachio Press is a Rochester, NY based printing company which specializes in all sorts of fine stationery and invitations. I was first introduced to them via a gorgeous calendar that was given to me as a gift. Even though email rules these days, I still love stationery and paper products in general. Since I discovered this small press, I don't feel I've done my correspondence justice unless it's done on their crafted originals.



I'm a big fan of Sarah Richardson, a designer who has a number of design shows on the Fine Living Network. Her design choices are always right on--simple w. clean lines and very functional. On Room Service, she introduces DIY projects that are always easy to carry out. Also be sure to check her out on Design Inc., where her team of designers are just as interesting as the projects they manage!


Evian is quite savvy. If you think about it, they're just selling water, right? But Evian takes it to another level. They've even teamed up with fashion designers to create special edition bottles. This one by Christian Lacroix is my favorite. I bought it last year & have been coveting it ever since. I leave it on my dining table as display. Simply genius!

I heart NY

I moved to NY in my mid 20s and fell in love with the city. You know that feeling that you have about a place that just fits you? I loved the fast paced nature of everything in the city.....the walk, the people, the attitude. I had finally found my city. There's no place like it in the world. You can wander the streets and find something new every single day of the week. It didn't hurt NY was also the shopping mecca of the world. Every time I go back to visit, I still feel the excitement....My heart starts to beat a little faster...and I feel right at home again.....like I never left. I love you, NY!

My Brooklyn

Not too long ago, I went back to my old Brooklyn neighborhood in Boerum Hill. A lot has changed since moving away in mid 2003...but there is one new addition that I am in love with. Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store is the modern equivalent of old the five & dime store. There's plenty to look through when browsing the rows & rows of goodies. Their online store is just as fun. Happy browsing!

Speedy heaven

Selfridges has a dreamy LV Speedy concept store. I swoon...

Julia's kitchen

This is probably old news but did you know that the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History has Julia Child's kitchen on display? I love it! Sadly, I never make it through the whole museum when I go because there are always too many people, but I think I'll need to make a trip out there soon. The museum's web resources on Child are very handy too! Don't forget the movie, Julie & Julia comes out August 7th!

Maille Mustard

Maille knows mustard. They've been around for hundreds of years and their quality cannot be topped. When you're in Paris, a must stop location is at 6, place de la Madeleine. It's a quaint shop with all things Maille. To tidy us over when we're not in Paris, there is the US version of Maille's Dijon mustard. It's a bit watered down from the originally potent concoction, but still very tasty. I usually use it when I make vinaigrettes for salads (also yummy w/ salmon).

Industrial design

You probably never thought about the brilliantly green bottle that the Excedrin pills come in, but I have. That lovely transparent green bottle with the just-right shade of green. Industrial design fascinates me. I was actually super excited when Target debuted their new pill bottle in 2005. I couldn't wait to get a prescription filled! Is that what good design is all about?...turning the mundane into something special.

French Vogue

French Vogue is a fantastic magazine. Under the helm of Carine Roitfeld, the magazine is brilliantly edited. Roitfeld, unlike Ms. Wintour, is edgy and experimental. I think she pushes the boundaries of what a fashion magazine is. Who else would give over an entire issue to a guest editor? Whenever I visit Paris or any other European city, I always pick up my French Vogue. Their layouts are always super original--sometimes dedicating a whole issue to one specific individual or theme. Even if you don't read French, the magazine will surely be a page turner!


Roller babies....

OK. Here's something to brighten up your Monday. This commerical includes everthing: chubby babies, Evian water, & roller skates! Enjoy!

Recycle Recycle Recycle

Now, that I have the perfect system for using those wonderful recycle bags almost every business in the free world sells for 99 cents (leave them in my car...put them back immediately after use), I am pretty sure these are one of the greatest inventions of the last 50 years. They are durable, cool looking and can carry ANYTHING. I've used them for everything from moving to a computer bag. I'm not sure how I ever lived without them.

Granny Art

Don't you love it when you feel vindicated? When you find out some little thing about yourself...something you thought was a weirdness is actually shared by someone else? For me it is crocheted granny squares. I LOVE them! I thought the only people on earth who shared my love of them was...well, grannies. Not so. Artist Laura Normadin loves them too. In fact, she says in her brilliant and beautiful blog that she is always trying to find new ways to use them...turn them into art. Laura Normadin isn't just about granny squares though...I am also crazy about her drawings, especially the ones of skirts and dresses.



I am not exactly sure what year it was ... '03 ... maybe '04, that I discovered my a way into the incredibly exclusive house of Hermes. It wasn't via their coveted Birkin bag or even the slightly more 'reasonable' scarves but it was no less fabulous. The darling Twilly is how got my touch of Hermes and it is just enough to make me feel a part of the luxury. The silk ribbon is designed to be worn any number of ways. Whether worn as a hair ribbon, or a leg ecoutrement, or my favorite...as embellishment on a favorite handbag, the twilly is absolulte genius. I usually keep mine tucked away in its familiar orance cylinder, but whenever I need a pick me up, I tie it to the handles of my LV bag and instantly feel like a million bucks.

The Perfect Bag??

I am in LOVE with this JCrew bag. It's in the new catalog...maybe a little overpriced...but absolutely 100% gorgeousness. The shoulder strap makes it practical...the tassels make it snazzy. I think I'll have my eye on it for all of fall.

Chocolately deliciousness

So you have probably figured out that I'm a bit of a chocoholic. I could probably do a blog on chocolates alone, but for Ooh La La Du Jour, I will try to limit my posts to a favorite few, and any list of my favorite things must included what I think are the finest American chocolates, See's Candy's. I have no idea what it is about See's Candy's that is so irresistible. They are spectacularly fresh...packaged to perfection...and most important, have the most yummy chocolate/center combinations. If you are lucky enough to go to one of the See's stores, you will be treated to a free sample and employess dressed in the most adorable old-fashioned candy-store uniforms.


messy chic

Bellissima! The hair, sweater over dress, sunglasses...Effortless Italian style via The Sartorialist.

Book jacket

Here's the cover for Scott Schuman's book. Love it! Arriving at a bookstore near you on August 12th.

Snow globes

Snow globes make me happy. I know they're kind of cheesy, but I collect them whenever I travel. I love them for their simplicity--just shake and watch fake snowflakes fall over the city skyline. Two of my all time favorites are from Paris (a golden globe given to me by the lovely ms. katie) & Niagara Falls (because what else do you get at a souvenir store in Niagara Falls?). If only all things in life were as simple as a shake of a snow globe.


If you know me then you know that I absolutely adore anything that's cute. Can't help it....I'll be a 90 yr old woman still in love with Hello Kitty because she's the embodiment of cuteness. Anyway, I just found a movie that just screams, "CUTE!" It's a mockumentary written and starring Charlyne Yi (who's cuteness personified!) and her real life boyfriend, Michael Cera (geek chic!). It comes out early August. Here's the trailer.