Revealing a Secret

I love protraits. And in my mind, there was no greater portrait artist, in any medium, than Richard Avedon. He had an intangible gift for creating a relationship between himself and his subject, that is so evident in his work. I have always claimed you could see it in his subjects eyes. For some reason, otherwise private people opened up to him and he could take an unflattering picture of anyone and make them beautiful. I have worshipped his work and always secretly wished to be famous enough, just to have an Avedon portrait of myself. Obviously that was never going to happen...but a person can dream, can't they?


  1. what a beautifully written post. i totally agree about avedon's work & i'm a big fan of portraits too.

  2. Thank you so much Ms. Macaron! I feel about portraits the way I do about biographies. I love them not matter who the subject is. Avedon just happens to be the master.

  3. how brilliant! love it! on a totally different note, that's how i feel about live concerts...the band could be so-so on "record", but when you see a show live, it's way more interesting and always much better...