Maille Mustard

Maille knows mustard. They've been around for hundreds of years and their quality cannot be topped. When you're in Paris, a must stop location is at 6, place de la Madeleine. It's a quaint shop with all things Maille. To tidy us over when we're not in Paris, there is the US version of Maille's Dijon mustard. It's a bit watered down from the originally potent concoction, but still very tasty. I usually use it when I make vinaigrettes for salads (also yummy w/ salmon).

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  1. What an great post!! I am such a fan of Maille...I can't even bear to eat any other mustard. When I go to Paris I usually come back with at least a few jars of Maille for myself and bunch to give away as gifts. I don't think this is true of its American cousin but when you buy it in France, the little jars often convert into glasses. I have a bunch. Ooh la la...beautiful post!