Deconstructing French style

I'm always trying to figure out (along with the rest of the universe!) what it is about French women that give them their je ne sais quoi style:
striped shirt (check!)
silk scarf (check!)
layering of multiple pieces (check!)
body confidence (check!....I'm always amazed by how French women carry themselves...can you duplicate their self confidence?)

So really, what is it? Perhaps I can try to replicate some of that style through French clothing. I love A.P.C. Their clothes are really simple, but there's something about them...something distinctly....French!

1 comment:

  1. I spend most of my time in Paris in awe of their incredible, understated yet always magnificent style. They have it all...the looks, the clothes and then there is that intangible quality that you expressed so well, is so difficult to emulate. Great post Ms. Macaron...its got me jealous for that French certain something...again.