My Brooklyn

Not too long ago, I went back to my old Brooklyn neighborhood in Boerum Hill. A lot has changed since moving away in mid 2003...but there is one new addition that I am in love with. Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store is the modern equivalent of old the five & dime store. There's plenty to look through when browsing the rows & rows of goodies. Their online store is just as fun. Happy browsing!


  1. This store is amazing! Thank goodness for online shopping.

    That's an interesting comment about a lot changing in your old 'hood. I guess 6 years is a long time. Love to know what changes you noticed and if they are for the better.

  2. I was shocked when I saw this store...it's literally across the street from my old place...if you look closely in the pic you can see that it says "state street".... i love this sign! anyway, yeah, the whole area has really blossomed. when i was moving out, there were some "hip" places settling in, like a chic nail salon, an indie bookstore that's now become this cute general store. Now, I walk around and I see tons of new clothing shops, restaurants... and of course there's the target a few blocks away. i recall i had to trek out to target in queens! changing trains and then taking two buses! now it's practically right in the neighborhood. so yeah....many changes! it's interesting, when i found my lovely wedding caker maker it turned out she was only one block away! amazing what you find.....