strawberryluna strikes again!

Is this print not amazing?!? I recently ordered a piece from my favorite Etsy artist strawberryluna (who I've waxed poetic about before). Not only did I get the gorgeous print I ordered, but she threw in this piece titled 'Summer 2009'. I absolutely love it and Allison may be the nicest person in the world. This one is going in my dining room. So excited to hang it this weekend!

*By the way, if you order from strawberryluna, she includes all these cool little stickers and toys in your package. So fun!


  1. so lovely!! man, i'm just going to have to get that print that i love so much! just being stupidly slow about it! i love her already...she includes stickers???? she's my gal!

  2. Allison is the bomb!! I love this print, I almost bought it, it is one of my favorites! Talk about summery! Strawberryluna prints just make me happy.:-)

  3. She's brilliant...and beyond cool!