Granny Art

Don't you love it when you feel vindicated? When you find out some little thing about yourself...something you thought was a weirdness is actually shared by someone else? For me it is crocheted granny squares. I LOVE them! I thought the only people on earth who shared my love of them was...well, grannies. Not so. Artist Laura Normadin loves them too. In fact, she says in her brilliant and beautiful blog that she is always trying to find new ways to use them...turn them into art. Laura Normadin isn't just about granny squares though...I am also crazy about her drawings, especially the ones of skirts and dresses.


  1. her work is beautiful.... love the details...
    i really love the wool coats for the dolls.. it would be so cute to put the coats inside a frame. i think the granny squares are totally hip!

  2. Did you ever just connect with someone's work ... that's how I feel about her work. I feel like the 8000 granny squares I have might now have a future :)