Air France

I can't have a post about airports without including a posting on my favorite airline, Air France. I love the chic hosts & hostesses on Air France. Even their lovely uniforms are stylish (courtesy of Christian Lacroix). Recently I've spent a lot of time waiting in my hometown airport of Dulles. Whenever I had time to kill, I'd sit myself down near the Air France terminal. They are by far the most amusing and fashionably heeled bunch---even the travelers on Air France are fabulously interesting! I could have easily done an anthropological field study on the comings & goings of Air France customers! So the next time you travel, maybe you could give Air France a try!


  1. Air France is as good as it gets! For me, half the love for Air France comes from the fact that I am usually going to Paris when I travel via their airline. It's always so exciting!

  2. By the way, did I say 'ooo la la' to the stewardess!