Lunch Box for Adults

Normally I don't go over the moon for 'Tupperware' type things but my new Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker is the best thing that's happened to my lunch in a long time. This was a recent birthday gift from a co-worker who got used to me complaining about forgetting my salad dressing at home, among my other lunch-time crisis. This 'lunch box' is amazing. It has a built in compartment for a fork and knife, a reservoir to store your dressing (just the perfect amount, I might add) and a cold pack to keep everything crisp and cool. Plus, it holds the perfect amount of salad. Great packaging for a great meal.


  1. oh.my.god! i love it!! how adorable... talk about genius!!!

  2. Ingenious again!! No excuse for people to eat unhealthy these days with a product like this.