A New Addition to the Study

This is my beautiful new print by strawberryluna. It was a gift from strawberryluna herself who is, happily, a friend of my sister. Coincidentally, I was a major fan of this artist (via Etsy) long before I knew I had a connection! I am so excited with my new print. I love all things tropical and this reminds me of my parents place in Key Largo. I can't wait to frame it and find the perfect place for it in my study.


  1. LUV the print. Here's my favorite, which i'm going to get soon:
    "He Likes To Read Books Written For Girls"

    i want to see your study!

  2. Oh my gosh...is that one not adorable! I loved it the minute I saw it! Laura saw the one with the coffee cup and said it is spectacular. That is defnitely my next purchase. Did you also happen to know that Strawberryluna, in addition to being so talented, is like the nicest person ever! AND...she likes our blog!!!