Speaking of Brits...I also adore Jamie Oliver. He's a real hoot. His Brit accent is awesome in a sort of different way from Nigella's......Most of the time he's speaking so fast you can hardly understand him, but his excitement over every aspect of food & the whole cooking process is totally contagious. I love this guy. I bought the premiere issue of his magazine, Jamie last December and I fell in love w. it. It's a bit pricey, but the photos are amazing. I love his books & shows too. Catch him whenever he's on the telly!


  1. I had NO idea Jamie Oliver had a mag! How available is it...in other words, where did you find it?

    While we are on the subject of chefs, I love Tyler Florence. I don't know if he deserves his own post but a mention, certainly. Everything he makes look so good...and he's kind of a cool guy.

  2. i bought the mag at borders. he also sells these great kitchenwares...but it's just for britain/europe. darn!
    i've seen tyler florence's shows a few times and he does seem to make some yummy stuff!