She may be on the hot seat these days for her less than stellar choices in picking scripts or for her box office bombs. None of it matters to me. Nicole Kidman will always be favorite movie starlet. She has enough great work in her filmography (The Portrait of a Lady, The Hours and an Oscar to boot) to have earned my respect. Of course, there is so much more. I love the chances she takes in fashion and I credit her for taking fashion to a new level in Hollywood when she attended the 1997 Oscars in the brilliant chartreuse chinoiserie from John Galliano’s first Christian Dior couture collection. With that choice, nothing was ever the same on the red carpet. Since then, she has dazzled over and over. She has worn things that simply no other human being could ever pull off. As Ms. Macaron brilliantly once said, 'pretty people don't impress me, stylish people do'. I could not agree more. But Nicole Kidman not only has incredible style, she is also other-worldly looking. She is always amazing.


  1. Gosh she is just perfect to me, she really does look like she came out some sort of stylin fairy tale, I love her!

  2. I love that...'a stylish fairy tale'...so true!