Born to Beach!

It's summer...so I have one thing on my mind...the
I don't know if there is any place I would rather be than the beach. It almost doesn't even matter which one, though I do have some real favorites. A few that come to mind...Kiawah Island (10 miles of untouched shore off the coast of South Carolina, pictured below)...Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys...Buttonwood Bay in Key Largo. I have always considered myself pretty hard working and industrious. That said, if the opportunity arose, I could become a beach bum tomorrow. I adore the lovely blue-greens of the ocean water, the warm tropical air, the hot, hot sun. I love the scent of sunscreen. I long to be sitting on the shore with a favorite magazine...going into the water for a refreshing swim, from time to time. My favorite time of day to be at the beach is around 3-4pm. The sun is just beginning its descent and it shimmers off the water in the most beautiful and soothing way. Some of my best memories in life are time spent at the beach with my family...especially my sister, who is joyously enjoying our place in the Keys in the picture above.


  1. what a fantastic post and an even more fabulous picture!!! i'm assuming it was taken by joe, mr. talented photog!!!

    luv it!

  2. It is Joe, of course! I am telling you, I am dying for some beach time. I'm thinking Sept...Key Largo and I have a date.

  3. As I read this post I could practically feel the sand between my toes and the smell of Coppertone in the air. There is no better feeling than being at the beach it is so wonderful!
    This is a real beachy picture from Key Largo doesn't that sun look amazing!
    You are right though between 3 and 4 is when the beach is really at its best, do you remember when we would spend hours in the water, so much fun!!

  4. Do I remember!?!? I can practically feel the ocean between my toes now. You are my best beach buddy!

  5. By the way...that pic. of you just says it all. Pure Joy!!!!!!!!!