If you are anything like me, then you get pretty sick of cleaning. Sometimes I just don't understand how things can get so dirty in a household with 2 adults who are hardly ever home. The only saving grace, as far as cleaning goes, for me, are the products by Method. I actually like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom because these products are so great. Not only do they have the all-important fantastic packaging, they have inventive scents and they really do the job without the harshness of other chemical ladden products. I absolutely swear by them!


  1. Method is pretty much all I use these day too, my favorite scent I think is the cucumber it is so refreshing. I also use method towelettes and spray in the eucalyptus mint scent(so good!) for the bathroom and toilet. What a great company, I thought that it was a target brand but I see Method all over the place now.

  2. I think I love everyone of their products. It's worth the extra money to buy Method. Anythinf that takes the drudge out of cleaning is ok with me.

  3. we're obsessed w/ method in our house too.... i was so bummed when they discontinued the mint soap.