Sleep Tight

I always thought of night lights as these boring, purely functional things for people who are afraid of the dark. Then I moved into my house and discovered that they are oh...so...much...more. They offer the perfect lighting if you place them in the right spots and they can be incredibly decorative...downright beautiful in some cases. My sister gave me one for my birthday (from wonderful Target) that is not only pink but looks just like a mini-chandelier. It's so fancy that I decided it had to go in the dining room. I have them all over my house now and I'm always looking for cool new ones. I especially like the ones that have little lamp shades. Such a simple way to add a certain coziness to a home.


  1. love the night light..will definitely need top purchase this.

  2. Night Lights are the best and you can save on your energy bill. I love my chandelier night light too, best purchase ever!

  3. They give the nicest, softest lighting and their 'green' effect is another nice bonus!