The Perfect 10

I always wanted to be one of those people brave enough to really shake things up with my look. You know the type...they get a new and cool haircut...or they color their hair really radically. Or maybe they wear something totally out of character. Well, I am not one of those people. I hardly do anything too daring. I love new trends but I always try to find the most subtle route to them. That said, I do love a change and a pick-me-up just as much as anyone...and that is where nail polish comes in. No matter how shy I am when comes to clothes or hair, I am not shy at all with nail polish. I love bright colors and super dark colors. Essie has some of my favorite colors and they also have the best names. For summer, I am loving 'Pink Glove Service'


  1. I don't normally wear nail polish but I might have to try the Pink Glove Service, I love that name. :)

  2. Essie has the best names! And the best colors!