Agatha's Scotties

Agatha is just one more French
creation that is fabulous in every way. Specializing in all sorts of beautiful baubles, my favorites are the pins done in the shape of the Scottish terrier. You can purchase these adorable Scotties in the form of brooches, or charms...they are on barrettes and bracelets too. I love the pins so much that I wear them on everything.


  1. I love the pin in this picture so cute! Now you just need the real thing :)

  2. I have this one in red. I think you are right...I need a real scottie :)

  3. we should have the agatha scottie club. it seems this one is the small lacquered version, right? i don't have red...very cool color. i have the pink and black version in lacqer.
    i love my pins too.

  4. We should! You deserve all the credit for this post because you turned me on to the Scottie pins. Remember when you would buy them from the NYC store and send them to me...that is how I got most of mine!