Do you remember Thirtysomething? It's finally coming out on DVD in late August. I was a teen when the show was on, but I still loved watching Michael, Hope & the gang go through the angst ridden rituals of daily life. I always wondered how Michael could cry so much....and what was Hope always whining about (she seemed to have a pretty good life to me). And who could forget Gary's untimely demise? I recall my whole dorm hall watching that episode when I was a freshman in college. Wonder if I'd like it now.... now that I'm actually 30something.


  1. Oh wow...I haven't thought about that show in the longest time. I wonder how it will hold up. You will have to refresh my memory...when was it on. Mid to late 80's. I remember being hooked but can't recall how old I was.

  2. i recall it being on in the late 80s... i was in high school and i think the finale happened right as i got into college.....i just recall being in my freshman yr during the fall..... it must have lasted a few years. they just seemed so "adult" to me at the time...