I am not exactly sure what year it was ... '03 ... maybe '04, that I discovered my a way into the incredibly exclusive house of Hermes. It wasn't via their coveted Birkin bag or even the slightly more 'reasonable' scarves but it was no less fabulous. The darling Twilly is how got my touch of Hermes and it is just enough to make me feel a part of the luxury. The silk ribbon is designed to be worn any number of ways. Whether worn as a hair ribbon, or a leg ecoutrement, or my favorite...as embellishment on a favorite handbag, the twilly is absolulte genius. I usually keep mine tucked away in its familiar orance cylinder, but whenever I need a pick me up, I tie it to the handles of my LV bag and instantly feel like a million bucks.


  1. LUV! the post. i'd been thinking of doing a post on the cute orange tube, but this is even better. i have mine sitting right in front of me on my desk!

  2. I think you should still do a post of the tube. Honestly, the item you purchase from Hermes is just half the fun...the other half is that oh so spectacular packaging and I would love to hear you wax poetic on it!