The Master and his Masterpiece

There are filmmakers. There are directors. There is the film industry as it exists today. And then there is Wong Kar Wai. Of all the filmmakers currently working , there is no greater artist and no greater storyteller and simply put, no one who understands the medium at his level. Growing up in Hong Kong, Wong Kar Wai acquired a background in photography and art...and it shows. His films will take your breath away. His filmography goes back to the late 80's and is packed with inventive storytelling and brilliant cinematography. However, it is his masterpiece,
In the Mood for Love which catapulted him into the spotlight. In the Mood for Love is easily the most visually powerful film I have ever seen...and yet it is so subtle. Every frame is a perfect photograph. WKW leaves no stone unturned in this film. His choice of music is haunting and original. The wardrobe is stunning, as WKW dresses beautiful Maggie Cheung in luxurious cheongsam dresses. The script involves a simple twist on a common love story and is supported by the most elegant dialogue.

I recall the evening I went to see this film. It was the winter of '02 and my friend, Chris, asked if I wanted to check it out. It was miserably cold outside and I had no interest (I just wasn't familiar with WKW at that time). He assured me it would be worth it. He had previously seen the trailer and thought it might be a remarkable film...and since I trust his taste implicity, I did as he said. He was right and I've thanked him many times for that evening. It was one of the most memorable film experiences I've ever had and renewed my belief that some filmmakers are artists first.

*Ms. Macaron and I went back and forth on who would post on In the Mood for Love and Won Kar Wai (since we both adore him). In the end, I took it on. I only hope I have done him and his film justice. There just aren't enough good words to express how profound a filmmaker I believe he is.

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  1. Brilliant....so eloquently put, ms. katiep.
    love the post!