oohh! love the poster....!

To die for.
Found through J.Crew's official blog....

our lips are sealed...

You know I adore lipstick....Did you know J.Crew collaborated with Poppy King (Ms. Lipstick Queen!) to create the oh-so-chic J.Crew-color lipstick????
Of course I have to have it now... and of course it's also...SOLD OUT!
So I wait with patience.....
(BTW....the title has nothing to do with this topic...but i thought the Go-Go's song would go well with lipsticks... :)
Happy weekend everyone!

Soak up a summery weekend!

Even though today is pretty rainy and gray, I still feel very summery :)  For one thing, we REALLY need the rain up here (I'm afraid to even know what my water bill is going to be with the amount I've had to run my sprinkler the last couple of weeks). Also, this rainy-ness is not even going to last. This weekend we will be right back into the summer sun and heat (love!) I don't have a lot planned ...just the usual...and taking in the first birthday party of my friend's baby boy. I hope you all enjoy the summery-ness!

*Love the quote by Lily Pulitzer, which I spotted in the August issue of Matchbook mag.

*Beautiful photo from the tumblr Le Couleur Blanche

An ode to 'timepieces'

This post is honor of the new watch I got as a birthday gift from Laura...and to ask a simple question...do you wear one? Even if I didn't love knowing the time at every moment of the day (and I do :) I would wear a watch. Why? Well, of course because they can be gorgeous, artistic pieces...as gorgeous and artistic as any accessory. A few months back a rather unstylish friend (sounds kind of nasty, but it's true) went on a rant about some tv ad she'd seen where a husband gave his wife (and new mother) a watch. My friend argued that this was the stupidest gift in the world to give someone who was probably up all hours taking care of an infant...never sleeping etc. Why would that new mother wanted to be reminded of the time? I have to say...I went slack-jawed at this argument...and I, Katiep, was rendered speechless. It never occurred to me that anyone saw watches...these beautiful and functional items that you can have for generations, in that way. Obviously, I am not alone...all these photos, of classic timepieces are from the tumblr All Things Stylish. Need I say more.
A classic Rolex
Nautical and elegant
Interesting that most of these are men's watches. Each one more beautiful than the next.
Such an amazing color combination. Timeless timepiece.
And my new Suunto watch/heart rate monitor. So sporty and fantastic...Love!

More fun on Etsy

Have you ever created a 'Treasury' on Etsy. Well, all you need is an account to have the most fun ever ( I imagine the only thing more fun would be having an Etsy shop...but lack of talent stops me from pursuing that as an option, but I digress...) I've always wanted to give creating a 'treasury' a try but I've never had the time...until now...and I think I may be addicted. So fun!! And such a great way to feature the amazing work of the artists on Etsy and explore the thousands of pieces out there. Here was my first go at it...of course, I had to feature one of my favorite things (it's a little blurry but you get the idea...and it will be no surprise to you regular readers :)

Cubist Design

Two Rubik's Cubes, you ask? Why post about Rubik's Cubes? Well, actually, my dear reader, these delightful little creations are salt and pepper shakers. When you want to grind the pepper, you spin the top cubes. I mean, c'mon! How genius is that? I love these!!

~JP Pullos


The 'Etsy' game

Did you every get sucked into what I refer to as the 'Etsy game'. You know, you go the Etsy site, innocently looking for 1 item and 2 hours later, you've found like 30 things you want. Well, I just played a major round of the Esty game...such fantastic stuff...I simply had to do a post to show you just a fraction of my fabulous finds.

French Poodle print from Pictorial bloom
Just Keep Swimming by Define Design 11
Cardinals at the coffee shop by lulunjay
I Love Coffee by Define Design 11
Bassett des Fauve at the coffee shop by lulunjay
Morning Coffee by Jo Bazarth Illustration
Mustard and Ketchup by Nut and Bee
Greek Motif Print Coffee Cup by Raw Art Letter Press
Broccoli Spectacalii by Nut and Bee

As you can see there was definitely a foody-coffee-animal-nerdy thing going on for me as I Etsy shopped. Every one of these items...adorable.

The growing obsession

You know (from yesterday's post) that I am totally infatuated with this look. I have the skirts (though this has kind of inspired me to look for more) but now all I need are the shirts to go with it. Here's a few tops (all from Land's End Canvas) that I also really love.
Patterned Chambray (which I also so in the August issue of Real Simple)
Floral Poplin
Patterned Stretch Poplin...in Lilac


WOW!...of the day

OK, when did we go from the Tavi Gevinson in the pic above...to the absolute knockout below. Who knew the little, goofball, queen-of -the-fashion-blogging scene would become such a beauty. Admittedly, I've never been super enamored by her or her blog but there is no doubt about it ... she's certainly very...well, Ooh La La!  (Via Refinery 29)

Best feeling in the world? Validation

I struggled to find an outfit for work today...I mean, I really struggled. Who knows why. You know how you just do some days?  When in doubt (and when the weather is  cooperating in the summer time) I reach for one of my many denim skirts. Old faithful...old reliable...goes with everything...good friend. And even though I adore my denim skirts and can't resist buying a good one when I see it...I always feel a little bit like I am taking the easy way out when I pull it out of my closet. Well, I don't have to worry about that feeling ever again...because of this completely perfect and awesome post on the blog What to Wear. Could it be any more timely?!? I love every single one of these looks...particularly Lauren Santo Domingo, who's knee length denim looks startlingly similar to the JCrew version I have on today.


Dare I say it...thinking 'Back to School'

I have been seeing these fabulous backpacks on various blogs for a little while now and have to say, I totally want one. First, they are from Poketo...second, they are fleece...and third, they are stripped. So in other words, they are perfect!    *Via Cup of Jo and a great post on '8 Cool Backpacks'

You loved the blog...

...and now there's a book! As an addict of Lisa Congdon's 'Collection a Day ' blog I don't see any way I cannot get this book. Love!

Via the always wonderful Poppytalk

Bring the Love

To stay on my theme of urban and community regeneration, I'm loving artist Candy Chang's latest project in Fairbanks, Alaska. She took the tallest building there, which is abandoned, and made a statement with it by draping a large "Looking for Love Again" sign off the top floors and by turning the ground floor walls into chalkboards where residents can sketch out their ideas for how the building should be used. For communities to be reimagined, its public spaces must first be reimagined. How phenomenal is it when an artist can come along and help in such a thought-provoking way?

~ JP Pullos


Little shades

Hehehe...aviator sunglasses as earrings. You know these make you smile :)

she has good taste, if you like that kind of thing.....

I'm afraid I have a one track mind today....so I'm sticking with it....Girls who have effortless style.  What do you think?  Do you think style is something innate? Can/do you cultivate it?  I do believe you can perfect your style as you age, but for the most part you kinda either have it or you don't...And when I mention style I usually like to show off a few pics of Sofia... Here are some new ones from the past two months.... Love love love everything about her.  And I love it when I see her repeatedly wearing the same stuff over & over again....Gives me hope because I tend to recycle my clothes again & again.  Sometimes it's out of laziness, but hey!...when something works...stick with it, I say!

so refreshing!

I love everything about her!  
The shoes, skirt color, cross-body purse...Everything!
I've been in a bummer mood since last night (would LOVE to share but won't because this will open up a whole can of worms!...and I don't want to be too catty)...but let's just say it's very nice to see someone who has good taste.
Thank you, Sartorialist....

Fall '11 @ JCrew

Well, as usual, just when I'm ready to give up on JCrew (with my regular complaints...too expensive, repetitive styles, boring colors) they redeem themselves. And for the fall of 2011, it looks as though they are going to do it in a big way. I just received the August catalog yesterday and these are just a few of the item I instantly fell for...above...the Rigby saddle bag. I've been wanting one of these mini-bags for months. This one looks about perfect.
Can never resist a great shirt dress.
What's not to love about this smashing scarf?
This color block tee comes in 3 different shades...and I love every one!


i see mod for fall....

Well, I hate to say it but it seems fall is approaching...at least in terms of fashion...
Have you noticed all the fall catalogs and August fashion mags are featuring more and more knits, longer sleeves, & dare I say it?....coats???!!! 
I'm seeing mod these days and it takes me back to the mid 90s (remember, Katie?) when Tom Ford did such a great reinterpretation of Mod for Gucci....Well, Here is a photo from J.Crew and I'm getting excited for what lies ahead in the next few months.....
(BTW, loving the loafers....As much as I love ballet flats, I miss loafers being "in"....)

obsessed with shoes this summer....

Sometimes I get into a kick and buy shoes non-stop for a few weeks in a row...and for some strange reason I'm on one of those kicks at the moment.... Yesterday I think I may have found the answer to my aching feet (and boy have they really been hurting!).
Meet my latest favorite, the San Remo by Merrell.
Anyone who's owned a pair of Merrell shoes can attest to their high quality....and I have to say they prove again & again how genius they are with shoe design. I have a pair of hiking boots I took to Spain in 2001 that lasted 2 1/2 weeks & saved my feet from blistering...even with 15 hours of trekking each and every day....Now those are the perfect shoes!

But back to my current obsession....
It's hard to find an attractive pair of the more athletic-y type sandals, but this actually fits the bill perfectly...and it's not clunky & chunky.  
You can adjust the velcro straps in the front and backs for that perfect fit and surprise!...They actually feel really good while you have them on!
The best part was that I bought mine from DSW for a fraction of what you'd pay at the Merrell online store. 
(Oh, and I also bought more black Havaianas because you can never have enough Havaianas in your life).
And lastly, a short review of the Salt Water Sandals I bought last week...
They are adorable, which is very important....and they feel great on for a few hours, but unfortunately they do start to hurt a bit when you've walked around a lot.  The cuteness somehow makes up for the pain...

All in all, I'm quite happy with my purchases and I'll be sure to give you a real update on the Merrells after I come back from Florida, which can't come soon enough (but I have another 11 days to go!)

Au Revoir to Le Tour

Laura did the most fabulous Etsy Treasury, honoring the finish of the 2011 Tour de France and I thought I would post a few pieces she chose since they are so smashing. I have to tell you...I miss the Tour already.  In a year that began with the Steelers losing the Superbowl, to watching my all-time favorite tennis player Roger Federer show signs of aging, this has been a pretty depressing year, for me, as a sports fan. But then along came the Tour...and Cadel Evans and well, what else can I say but, Ooh La La to Le Tour de France. This beautiful photo, above, from megalarie.
Gorgeous Parisian Rooftops by Rebecca Plotnick
Adorable print by from The Dancing Cat
Decorative pillow from Sarah Smile Art, Craft and Design
From the podium...the brilliant Cadel Evans and the brothers Schleck. I'm not sure when I've ever wanted someone to win an event as much I wanted Evans to win this one. Just thrilling. Cadel called it a 'beautiful race' and you know what...he was right.
Last but not least, the battered but never beaten Johnny Hoogerland. Who will ever forget the hideous crash that caused him to fly into a barbed wire fence. Not only did he finish that stage...he finished the tour. A warrior...and a hero.