i see mod for fall....

Well, I hate to say it but it seems fall is approaching...at least in terms of fashion...
Have you noticed all the fall catalogs and August fashion mags are featuring more and more knits, longer sleeves, & dare I say it?....coats???!!! 
I'm seeing mod these days and it takes me back to the mid 90s (remember, Katie?) when Tom Ford did such a great reinterpretation of Mod for Gucci....Well, Here is a photo from J.Crew and I'm getting excited for what lies ahead in the next few months.....
(BTW, loving the loafers....As much as I love ballet flats, I miss loafers being "in"....)

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  1. OK I totally commented on this post this morning and now I don't see the comment...which is kind of annoying.

    Nutshell of what I said...so super love the new JCrew catalog that I can barely stop myself from going into debt to buy everything right now!

    As for a potential repeat of the mod collections of the mid-90's...please please please!!