it took me long enough!

I think it took me well over a decade to finally buy these Salt Water sandals by Hoy Shoes!
I'd decided to finally purchase these a few days ago, but as luck would have it they were sold out of my size 4s....So I've been playing tag for the last 3 days and finally one was available!  Gotta love Zappos!
Can't wait to try them out...because my feet have been killing me this whole summer.  I generally wear flats all year long and that basically means I wear shoes that have no insoles and what does that mean?  Feet that ache like crazy after I get home!  
I'm still in search for THE PERFERCT FLATS that are comfortable AND stylish!
If you know of one, let me know.....
I'll let you know how this pair works out....(I'm pretty sure I'll adore the look of them, but will find them somewhat uncomfortable after a few hrs...The story of my life!)


  1. I love these sandals. Well, actually I just have a real 'problem' with sandals, in that, I love them all!! I haven't tried these so I am expecting a full review KJ.

  2. Oh and I almost forgot to comment on Zappos...greatest.site.ever.period. I am going to do a post about them today!