'Shut up legs' - Checking in on 'Le Tour'

One of the many awesome things about being on vacation was that Laura and I (and my mom...sometimes) got to watch the Tour de France live. Seriously, nothing beats watching it live...so exciting. Not that I don't love the Versus evening show...but by then, I already know what's happened (I just have to peek at the results during the day). Have you been doing your Ooh La La duty and keeping up with all the action?
Just look at that peloton...as Chris said, it's like a tsunami. 

And while this clip is not from the 2011 Tour...who doesn't love Jens Voight, competing at the ripe old age of 39, for Team Leopard Trek.

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  1. Shut up legs! Man the stage today was amazing! I'm routing for Cadel but I think Andy's got it. Great effort by both though:)