What do you take to the beach?

Anyone out there not know that I am off to Key Largo soon...hooray!! Since I am headed to the beach ... and since everyone else in the free world is compiling their list of beach essentials I thought I would do the same. How about you? What do you have to add? I like to keep it pretty simple...no fancy cover-ups (t-shirts and shorts work great for me) or jewelry...but there are a few things that are musts. Let's start with an awesome, comfortable, functional swim suit...like this one about that I got from Old Navy.
Must have a great beach bag...like this one from J.Crew

A lovely beach chair makes relaxing on the sand that much more lovely. Fabulous print from Etsy shop ohriginals.

I don't have to tell you not to make a move without your sunscreen. I am a diehard Coppertone devotee.
Sporty shades. Yes, please!
A big and stylish beach towel. I actually haven't meet a beach towel I haven't liked (and I've had jillions). Really loving this one from Chance.
Flips...Havaianas, of course.
Mags, mags and more mags. I don't do well with books (not such a fan of the proverbial 'trashy, beach novel) but magazines really keep me entertained.
And last but never least...a little summer music to add to paradise.

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