5 reasons to love the Tour de France

Pay no attention to the negative nonsense you might hear from some wildly stupid sports writers or general ignoramus...the Tour de France is one of THE most spectacular events in sports. Period. It has been said that it is like 'running a marathon several days a week for 3 weeks' and 'arguably the most physiologically challenging of all athletic events'. I am admittedly new to the watching the event (I've really only been doing it for the last 5  years or so) and while I find it complicated, I also learn a little more every year which makes it that much more exciting for me to watch. But you don't really have to  be a giant cycling or sports fan to  adore this event...here's my unofficial reasons why ...
The route the cyclists take, mostly through the streets and countrysides of France, is nothing short of spectacular. During these mid-summer weeks, watching the tour is like taking a vacation to Europe. As these amazing athletes breeze through, the site is simply breathtaking.
Yellow. Do you love the color? I know I do. In all it's joyousness. It is found in abundance...anywhere and everywhere during this race. But the most amazing representatives...the sunflowers, which line the course along much of the French countryside.
The athletes. I am not sure that I care one wit about doping et al. Sure, I wish they didn't do it...but speculating about whether they have or not, does not in anyway, diminish my respect for anyone able to compete in this event. These men are warriors...make no mistake about it.
The thrill! Stage 4 of the 2011 tour (on 7/5) was decided by a photo finish. Wow.
And really, how can you not love an event that finishes like this? Absolutely, 100%, Ooh La La :)

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  1. you know i'm a fan!!! love this time of year..and don't forget to celebrate bastille day!!!