she has good taste, if you like that kind of thing.....

I'm afraid I have a one track mind today....so I'm sticking with it....Girls who have effortless style.  What do you think?  Do you think style is something innate? Can/do you cultivate it?  I do believe you can perfect your style as you age, but for the most part you kinda either have it or you don't...And when I mention style I usually like to show off a few pics of Sofia... Here are some new ones from the past two months.... Love love love everything about her.  And I love it when I see her repeatedly wearing the same stuff over & over again....Gives me hope because I tend to recycle my clothes again & again.  Sometimes it's out of laziness, but hey!...when something works...stick with it, I say!


  1. Well, if you are going to talk effortless style, why not mention the master herself. Style...it comes up so frequently on this blog because I think we both know it when we see and admire it so much, in part because we know how rare it is...in it's best form, that is. I agree...I think it is kind of innate...and while your taste can become more sophisticated through experience, exposure and 'education' (after all, didn't Sofia intern at Chanel) I also think you do either have it or you don't.

    See it's that 'effortless' thing that gets me. That's kind of what I aspire to...but I never seem to quite nail it. Ironically, maybe I am thinking too much :) I'm not the least bit impressed with stars who manage to get their act together for some stupid award show. I am talking about the people I see, from time to time, when maybe, Chris and I are out for our Sundays walks, who manage to look so cool. I guess it's why I love the Sartorialist or Bill Cunningham so much...they get it.

  2. i so agree w. you on the chance encounter where you say, "wow! i really like her look..." it happens so so rarely...and maybe that's a good thing. makes you really appreciate the good dressers when you see them. :)

    well, you know what's coming up next...OF COURSE you have it, dear miss katie! :) i do agree w. you on the "thinking too much" part. I am the same and i seriously think i need a lobotomy at times, but what can i do?
    you have definitely nailed it because you've always had it, missy! :)

    what i've loved about aging is that you get to accumulate the bits and pieces of good style you've encountered over the years...it's like accumulating frequent flyer miles...the more you travel, go places..you are more open to different types of good styling.

    and i definitely agree..why bother admiring the folks w. a gazillion dollars? that's definitely no fun...
    It's the regular folks who make do w. what they have or can save up to buy that special piece.....

    But i do love the train wrecks----they always make me chuckle...i'm mean, i know it. it's amusing to see someone who you know has definitely thought about their style, yet they can't come up w. one original thing about their own look----it's like copy/paste function. they do it w/o really putting their personal "stamp" and it definitely shows!

    ha! this is fun!

  3. Well, right back 'atcha KJ!! You know you are one of my style idols...I really have so few so I treasure the ones I do have. You and Laura are definitely my faves...you, for your ability to spot a great piece and make it work in a zillion perfect ways (and that's just the tip of all you do well)...and Laura, for that awesome outdoor-chic looks she does so fabulously. There are few others friends out there who really seem to enjoy and get it...Adriane, Leah, Kim to name a few cool ones...but man...it's slim after that.

    Oh...the train wrecks...god love them. Maybe we should establish what a train-wreck is. I bet we have the same definition but to me (and you kind of already said it) it's the ones you know are trying so desperately to be stylish...I mean they put in the time and the money but wow...they just never ever get it right. There is always at least one thing totally wrong. And while we all get one thing wrong once in a while, they do it ALL THE TIME and it's always a BIG one thing.

    You know, I could talk about this all day. So fascinating.

  4. yeah, i agree....there is just something "off" about those wrecks....i always say subtlety is a good thing---the wrecks don't know what that word is apparently. and one rule: when you wear a loud print, please don't go and add other "loud" pieces to your wardrobe. you have a fight competition going, ladies! :) i've seen it..and it ain't pretty. :)

    god, i wonder if i'll be able to sleep tonight.....i'm still ticked. (note to self: let it go!)

  5. Well, if you did let it go then this incredibly fun discussion wouldn't be going on (just an aside, this is definitely one of the bad parts of FB...do you know how many hours I've lost stewing over some irritating status update etc.)

    Anyway, of course you know I am a huge minimalist...but what super irks me is when some folks just write me off as being 'boring' or worse yet unstylish because I like things to be simple and clean. That's actually my biggest pet peeve. Ugh.

    Oh the prints...why is this so hard for people to get. My rule...if you are wearing one print...everything else must be solid. I have a zebra print skirt I love...the only thing I will ever wear it with is a black t-shirt...anything else and I will look like a circus act.