Small details...redux

Remember a week or so ago, when KJ did a great post featuring a pic from 'The Sartorialist',  where she talked specifically about the small details. Well, call this 'post no.2' in the series 'Loving the small details'. Also from 'The Sartorialist', I could pretty much take everything KJ said and apply it to this gorgeousness. The hair, the white, the classic watch...and as if done to intentionally call out my name...the Hermes Twilly!! I have this 'Twilly'...color and all but I've never had the courage to wear it like this! Effortlessly tied around the wrist...that is. I might rethink that now... how could I not. Love.


  1. Seriously, she could not be more fabulous, such style! She is "chic cest la vie ce bon ce bon"

  2. Hahaha!!! That's awesome Laura! She really is very 'chic cest la vi ce bon ce bon'.

    (Seriously, could the 'Countess' have thrown in any more cliche French words. It like if I had song and called "Yasou, Ouzo, Opa" (except at least I am Greek...she's not even French :)

  3. Seriously! So ridiculous! Unfortunately I can't stop singing it, damn the countess!!:-)

  4. That's hilarious Laura! I guess it is kind of catchy in it's own silly way. Just like 'Tardy for the Party' :)

    Oh 'housewives' :)