One of Each, Please!

As if you needed another reason to visit NYC! As I'm sitting here in the midst of a sweltering, 100-degree NYC day, I just came across an article mention of a new popsicle shop in the West Village. It's called Popbar and they're serving gelato on a stick, which sounds heavenly. I haven't visited yet, but I'm dying to go! KatieP and KJ, when you come here next, we're definitely going for popsicles!

~JP Pullos


  1. Oh my gaaaawd JP!!! This is awesome!! Not only is this pic gorgeous...they look absolutely be delicious! Genius. These guys must be cleaning up during this heat wave!

    Hope you are staying coooool kiddo!

    (Of course you are...you are always cool :)

  2. Ooooh!! beautiful and yummy!! :-)

  3. Tell me this isn't a perfect idea. Who doesn't love popsicles!