Cubist Design

Two Rubik's Cubes, you ask? Why post about Rubik's Cubes? Well, actually, my dear reader, these delightful little creations are salt and pepper shakers. When you want to grind the pepper, you spin the top cubes. I mean, c'mon! How genius is that? I love these!!

~JP Pullos


  1. Oh JP, you are bringing out the 80's child in me. And I have a confession...do you know I never...not ever...solved this puzzle as a kid. I think the best I ever got was having 2 sides the same color. Sad but true.

    That said...did you know I have some insane affection for adorable S&P shakers? Actually, a while back, I decided to stop fighting it and start 'collecting' them. These could not be more fantastic!

  2. Somehow I am not surprised by this obsession of yours... and you're in good company! I never solved the Rubik's cube either!! (o: