Ooh La La...it's hot out there!

Here we are...smack-dab in mid-summer and the weather is not making us forget it. In the 15+ years I've lived upstate, I can't remember when temps have been this high...and on track to stay that way for a while. All that said, I finally caved and put a window unit AC in my bedroom last night (with temps in my house around 93, I figured I'd held out long enough!). Phew...what a difference! Anyway, with the hot, summer weekend upon us, I thought I'd leave you kids with a few last photos of my vacation :) Indulge me just a little longer. The pics make me feel a bit cooler just by looking at them!
Aaaaah...my mothership...the beach.
Just one of the many beautiful things blooming in Key Largo.
 A dazzling heron.
I hope you all have a fabulous summer weekend. Enjoy the heat, the sun, the surf, the sand...or the AC...if that's the way you roll ;-)


*All awesome vacation pics taken by Laura...our tireless, wonderful 'documenter' .


  1. Oh I'm so happy you got an air condition unit, it is really unbearable out there and for me and I love 90 degrees and above!!
    I miss Key Largo, what a great trip I love that picture of you in the water, so wonderful!!:-)

  2. Man, Laura...I've lived here for years and never considered using an AC unit. At around 8pm last night...when it was (no kidding) 93 degrees in the house, I suddenly remembered that the people who used to own my house left one of the window AC's behind. And even though they weigh like 200 pounds I got it down from the attic and installed it. And it's awesome!

    Of course Chris called me a wuss...but then again he's a maniac :)

    Key Largo Vacation '11...best time I've had in YEARS!!!

  3. The first pic in this post is gorgeous!!!! LOVE!!!

  4. Thank you JP!! Seriously...best vacation ever. I've been back a week and I still miss it!