Au Revoir to Le Tour

Laura did the most fabulous Etsy Treasury, honoring the finish of the 2011 Tour de France and I thought I would post a few pieces she chose since they are so smashing. I have to tell you...I miss the Tour already.  In a year that began with the Steelers losing the Superbowl, to watching my all-time favorite tennis player Roger Federer show signs of aging, this has been a pretty depressing year, for me, as a sports fan. But then along came the Tour...and Cadel Evans and well, what else can I say but, Ooh La La to Le Tour de France. This beautiful photo, above, from megalarie.
Gorgeous Parisian Rooftops by Rebecca Plotnick
Adorable print by from The Dancing Cat
Decorative pillow from Sarah Smile Art, Craft and Design
From the podium...the brilliant Cadel Evans and the brothers Schleck. I'm not sure when I've ever wanted someone to win an event as much I wanted Evans to win this one. Just thrilling. Cadel called it a 'beautiful race' and you know what...he was right.
Last but not least, the battered but never beaten Johnny Hoogerland. Who will ever forget the hideous crash that caused him to fly into a barbed wire fence. Not only did he finish that stage...he finished the tour. A warrior...and a hero.


  1. Thanks KJ!! Such a wonderful 3 weeks.

    Until next year!

  2. Awesome! So psyched you enjoyed my treasury of favorites. Man, I miss the tour but what a wonderful month it was! I heard possible word of there being an offical Cadel Evans day in Australia, awesome:-)

  3. As well there should be! Such a gusty performance from such a great and gracious man. I could not love him more!

  4. Oh and the treasury...Ooh La La!