obsessed with shoes this summer....

Sometimes I get into a kick and buy shoes non-stop for a few weeks in a row...and for some strange reason I'm on one of those kicks at the moment.... Yesterday I think I may have found the answer to my aching feet (and boy have they really been hurting!).
Meet my latest favorite, the San Remo by Merrell.
Anyone who's owned a pair of Merrell shoes can attest to their high quality....and I have to say they prove again & again how genius they are with shoe design. I have a pair of hiking boots I took to Spain in 2001 that lasted 2 1/2 weeks & saved my feet from blistering...even with 15 hours of trekking each and every day....Now those are the perfect shoes!

But back to my current obsession....
It's hard to find an attractive pair of the more athletic-y type sandals, but this actually fits the bill perfectly...and it's not clunky & chunky.  
You can adjust the velcro straps in the front and backs for that perfect fit and surprise!...They actually feel really good while you have them on!
The best part was that I bought mine from DSW for a fraction of what you'd pay at the Merrell online store. 
(Oh, and I also bought more black Havaianas because you can never have enough Havaianas in your life).
And lastly, a short review of the Salt Water Sandals I bought last week...
They are adorable, which is very important....and they feel great on for a few hours, but unfortunately they do start to hurt a bit when you've walked around a lot.  The cuteness somehow makes up for the pain...

All in all, I'm quite happy with my purchases and I'll be sure to give you a real update on the Merrells after I come back from Florida, which can't come soon enough (but I have another 11 days to go!)


  1. Well you are preaching to the choir on Merrell's KJ. I could not be a bigger fan. I bought the most gorgeous pair of boots during the holidays last year and I would have been lost without them. Not to mention my lined clogs...could not get through winter without either. The sandals you bought look amazing and if I hadn't added 3 new pairs of sandal to my wardrobe this summer (really have a 'problem' with sandal...love them too much) I would get the ones you posted. They're fabulous!

  2. I agree Merrell's are the best, so well made! My first pair of hiking boots were merrells and I still haven't been able to find a better boot. I'm loving their new collection of sandals too! The saltwater sandals look awesome but thanks for mentioning that your feet got sore because that's a huge factor for me what with my running and such I'm all about comfort. Great post!!:-)