A tip from Le Tour

If you've been faithfully watching the Tour De France (as you most definitely should...yesterday's stage...WOW!) then you probably already know about Clean Bottle. I have to say, this is one of those simple ideas I wish I had thought of. Not only is it BPA free (as the website says, 'you can use it without fear of growing a third eye') but because the bottom AND top come off, you can actually get this bottle clean (hence, the name :) Man, is there anything groddier than those bottles we use when we workout. If they aren't leaking all over the place, then they are just plain nasty because they are so hard to wash. Well, I just got one of these this week and I'm already in love :)
And of course, if you been watching the tour then you also know about the brilliant ad campaign Clean Bottle has been running. Yup. That's a giant, rather clumsy but completely adorable giant 'Clean Bottle' running along side those brilliant cyclists. It's getting so I watch the tour just so I can spot Clean Bottle on some random part of each stage. Love love love a clever advertising campaign almost as much as a great product. Go Clean Bottle!


  1. Clean bottle at the tour de france just makes me happy. Seriously, talk about a great way to advertise, I love it!!:-)

  2. What would the tour be without Clean Bottle :)