Have a Happy 4th and a lovely long weekend!

I'm at work...but seriously debating leaving early. An off campus lunch with a former student + an absolutely spectacular day are going to make it REALLY tough to come back this afternoon. That said, I thought I'd wish everyone a fabulous holiday weekend before I set a foot out the door.

What are you all up to? We've got a fight night tomorrow (go Faber!...that's for you Chris :) and we're finally beginning work on my 3rd bedroom. Prep work for painting...ugh...not fun but I'm so excited for this room to finally be the gorgeous room it was meant to be.

Grilling on Monday should round out a rather wonderful and restful holiday. Make sure you enjoy some fireworks and if you are headed to the beach...well I'm officially jealous!
 Adorable graphic via Matchbook

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