Best feeling in the world? Validation

I struggled to find an outfit for work today...I mean, I really struggled. Who knows why. You know how you just do some days?  When in doubt (and when the weather is  cooperating in the summer time) I reach for one of my many denim skirts. Old faithful...old reliable...goes with everything...good friend. And even though I adore my denim skirts and can't resist buying a good one when I see it...I always feel a little bit like I am taking the easy way out when I pull it out of my closet. Well, I don't have to worry about that feeling ever again...because of this completely perfect and awesome post on the blog What to Wear. Could it be any more timely?!? I love every single one of these looks...particularly Lauren Santo Domingo, who's knee length denim looks startlingly similar to the JCrew version I have on today.


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