An ode to 'timepieces'

This post is honor of the new watch I got as a birthday gift from Laura...and to ask a simple question...do you wear one? Even if I didn't love knowing the time at every moment of the day (and I do :) I would wear a watch. Why? Well, of course because they can be gorgeous, artistic pieces...as gorgeous and artistic as any accessory. A few months back a rather unstylish friend (sounds kind of nasty, but it's true) went on a rant about some tv ad she'd seen where a husband gave his wife (and new mother) a watch. My friend argued that this was the stupidest gift in the world to give someone who was probably up all hours taking care of an infant...never sleeping etc. Why would that new mother wanted to be reminded of the time? I have to say...I went slack-jawed at this argument...and I, Katiep, was rendered speechless. It never occurred to me that anyone saw watches...these beautiful and functional items that you can have for generations, in that way. Obviously, I am not alone...all these photos, of classic timepieces are from the tumblr All Things Stylish. Need I say more.
A classic Rolex
Nautical and elegant
Interesting that most of these are men's watches. Each one more beautiful than the next.
Such an amazing color combination. Timeless timepiece.
And my new Suunto watch/heart rate monitor. So sporty and fantastic...Love!

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  1. who doesn't like watches??? let me give her a good whack on the head and maybe she'll come to her senses! (just kidding.....) adore watches! i feel naked w/o one when i forget (rarely...but it does happen sometimes).....