My shoe fetish continues...

Are there an inordinate number of wonderful shoes these days, or is it just my shoe 'issue' run amuck? I am totally in love with these Sebago Coves. What's not to love...boat shoes with sherpa lining (which you probably figured out, I'm a total sucker for). So fab.

Teapot Pendant

Teapot pendants from Anthropologie (who else, right?).....These would look so great in the kitchen (obviously!)...but I would be a tad bit scared they'd fall on me while having dinner.

fancy a new show???

I highly highly recommend Sherlock (and so does B. He's the one who tipped me off to this new series!...), a most fabulous new BBC production.  Seriously, I'm hooked on this modern day version of the classic Sherlock Holmes....Even better is Dr. Watson (I'm secretly in love with this guy!).
Catch it on Masterpiece Theatre on Sunday nights (repeated on Thurs evenings).
You can also pre-order Season One from Amazon (comes out 11.9).

Happy Halloweekend :)

Halloween weeeeeekend...weeeeeeeeee!!! Who's excited ?!?! I have to admit, I am kind of burnt out on the holiday (mostly because of Scare Fair) but I'm still going to hand out candy to those kids on Sunday night (note to self: buy candy!) Speaking of Scare Fair, the decorations are all in place and everything seems to be on schedule for this afternoon. So happy for our co-chairs who did an awesome job! As for the rest of the weekend, I really have one thing on the agenda...that's right...raking. God, my yard looks like a leaf-bomb exploded. 
Have a great one all!

(Pics above...one of my masks on our little owl...and a gorgeous one of Joe on his morning commute:)

powerpuff girls...real & imaginary

Powerpuff Girls
by Amy Stein
Powerpuff Girls (not real)
{ Top image can be found @ 20x200}

OK...Who likes the Powerpuff Girls?  
I do. I do.


Happy (early!) Halloween

What a fabby Chanel pumpkin!
Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead...
Have candy.....then have some more candy!

fashionable water

What a lovely union.
{found through Black Eiffel}


message in a flower

Around here we're big fans of EmersonMade.  The flowers rock & the woman behind them is absolutely gorgeous & fashionable.  
I simply adore the newest (or newest to me because I haven't seen it until now!)flower..A lovely daisy with a very simple (but so honest!) message.
Another reason to pick it up:
 the beautiful box it comes in!
{The ungloom bloom is available here}

mittens! mittens!

Starting tomorrow the weather is finally taking a turn & the temps are going to fall!  Yay! I've hated having warmer temps this week, if only because I don't know what to wear on most days.
So in preparation for the upcoming colder weather, I think mittens should be on our list of things to buy for the winter season!  I've had a head start actually and just received my Kate Spade Right Left Mittens and in one word:  adorable!

career advice

I chuckled a bit when I read this piece on Anna Wintour's advice to budding fashion industry wannabes...
I'm more curious to find out who the audience was.  Are they a bunch of teens who are just there for fun or are they serious about having careers in fashion magazines?  Just wondering... Also, if this were available when I was younger I think I may have gone to it---if only to hear Queen Anna speak!

i want candy!

Ammeil Mendoza

Check out the great NYTimes piece on candy called "Is Candy Evil or Just Misunderstood?"

Then head over to the Candy Professor to get your fill of all things candy related, like the candy art above!

calm freak


The lovely choice is yours!

{Keep Calm poster by sfgirlbybay}
{Freak Out can be found here}

paris vs ny

I love this!  Just saw this post from A Cup of Jo and immediately went over to Paris versus New York: A tally of two cities.  Genius!

Exciting news :)

I was chatting with my friend Benita, who runs the Starbucks on campus and I just had to ask when the wonderful red cups would be arriving. She told me they will debut next Tuesday, Nov. 2 and even gave me a preview! OK, lookout, this years Starbucks red cups are very different from those in the past. To my eye this years had a lot more white space but I did love them nonetheless. And as always, all the old fave flavors will be back.



ice cream & cupcakes

How cute are these?  The Cupcake & Ice Cream Trinket Boxes by Fruit Fly Pie.

Crewcuts + Candy = sweet delights

Have you seen the new Crewcuts catalog?  OK..I'll say it again: I wish I was 10 again--just so I could buy these clothes!
Have you seen the fantastic candies displayed throughout the catalog/website?  Incredibly..delectable! 
Check out the candies here.
Also, if you're a lollipop lover like me, check out Hammond's Candies for their wide selection of yummy lollies (I had the above lollipops at my wedding and they were quite beautiful to look at & tasted yummy!) 

Gemma's Halloween

Love. Love. Love... Gemma Correll's work.

missed out--again!

I think you know why I was in love with this Black Apple doll so much (hint: mask).  I say was because she's gone now!  By some serendipitous luck I checked out Emily Martin's blog today and found out she was having a shop update at 3pm eastern time....and wouldn't you know it...it was 3pm exactly!  I click and see my doll!  I tried putting her in my basket and she was...gone!  Someone else beat me to it--by mere seconds probably.  

bring on christmas....

The best Hanukkah card I've seen around

Love these postcards..Got them last yr & had to keep one for myself!

So adorable!

Alright folks, it's time to start shopping for Xmas--TODAY!
I'm so in the mood now because Rifle Paper Co. has finally released their holiday collection.  How cool is the menorah card?  Seriously, have you tried finding a decent Hanukkah card (one that doesn't include blue & silver)???  
Check out the collection and start getting merry....

Had to include one more to show you...The postcard for this year is just as cool as last yr's:

Go check them out now!

What I wore...

...I kind of love today's installment of 'What I wore today' by Nisee Made. So very fall-ish.

If it's ok for Fifi...

So everyone knows KJ and I work on college campus'...and while every college is different, they all have one thing in common...college age kids (I'm no dumby :) I love to catch the current style trends with the kids and being bombarded by them daily is a great way to see what they are up to and what's hot. That said, the rage this fall has been leggings (or skinny jeans or 'jeggings') and knee high boots. I mean, there is not a girl on this campus who is not sporting this look. I think it's pretty slick frankly and looks great. But I wondered about it for myself. I mean I do have 20 years on them...so I wrote it off as being a little to young looking. OK, jump to this past weekend. I was out and about a lot and what did I see, EVERYWHERE and on EVERY WOMAN, no matter the age or shape...you guessed, those leggings and boots.

What do you think? A look for the young or a look for everyone? Do I dare? Hmmmm....

(Fabulous print of Fifi in her leggings :)

Collegiate style gets a vote!

Have you seen this lastest pic from our style hero 'The Sartorialist'?! I'm not sure exactly why I am so jazzed by this pic. Actually, I know exactly why. As much as I adore the Sartorialist and so admire each and every one of his 'subjects', the blog often leaves me a little melacholy (in a weird way because I am also so inspired by it). It's so rare that I see a pic where I think 'gee, I could do that' or 'I would have thought to put those items together'...or even 'I could afford that'. But these 2...well, they totally speak to me. BOTH of these lovely young people are wearing pieces and pairing them in ways I would. Hoooooray!! I guess it's a little vote of confidence that I get it :) Once again, the genius of the Sartorialist. Recognizing style in ALL varieties.

Light on the posts...heavy on the masks :)

Oh my gosh...this week has been rather post-light on Ooh La La Dujour for me. With Scare Fair this Friday it's been kind of nuts at work...and with every leaf in the world coming down on my home...well, you know the rest. All raking all the time. I thought I'd give you a little taste of how things are going with the masks. We are basiallly putting them on anything with a face (and even some stuff without). Here's a sample... (from left to right)...George Eastman, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglas and Rush Rhees (the once president of the U of R). All famous Rochestarians and the guests of honor at our 'masquerade'.

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!


darn it!

Why do I keep running into things I can't have??? It's become a serious habit lately.... I love this necklace (which was available at Anthropologie), but apparently it's not available any longer.  Darn!...well, truth be told: Damn it!  
I'm either a year or a season behind a lot of stuff that are super fantastic but totally hard to find.  I ran into this problem with my Orla Kiely nappy bag, which I thankfully found and was the last one apparently. It happened with another baby item (a carrier I wanted in specific fabric) and I'll definitely never find that item--ever.  I really really tried though.  
And it almost happened again with a pair of eye glasses I've been admiring for a while now.  A  work colleague had the coolest frames and I finally got the nerve to ask where she bought hers.... Well, it turns out the frames are from the past year and it took me forever to find it from a reputable dealer. So here's my new specs:

 I love them!  Now, I'm usually kinda boring when it comes to glasses.  Usually go with the preppy type and my current ones are a cat's eye shape, but it's definitely way more modest than these above.  I think they're soooo cool. Very chic librarian, don't you agree?  Now, let's hope I actually look half way decent with them on.

A stack of books - LCM

This necklace is just so...LCM :) OK, it's kind of out of my price range but you have to admit, it is cute beyond belief!


Have a Domo Weekend!

Domo...The Cookie!    
I know you share in my love for all things Domo....Here's a very creative cookie recipe.  I am SO tempted to try this....  Have a great weekend everyone! 

Film, fights and masks, masks, masks...Happy Weekend!

Oh boy...SOOOOOOOOOO happy it's Friday. What do you kiddos have planned? I am doing some serious running this weekend including...hair cut with Maria, getting to that gym and fights on Saturday night (can't wait to see everyone who's part of the unofficial 'MMA Fight Club"...you guys know who you are ;) ..ugh....not to mention all that raking that has got to begin. Chris is working on a local film shoot all weekend (actually all week)...and me, I'm making masks...and more masks for next weeks Rush Rhees Library Scare Fair. Here's one I concocted. It's kind of cool.

Have a lovely one all!



Sherlock, I'm in love w. you

a.p.c. sherlock coat
Goodness I really like this coat..I actually love the model wearing the coat too...I could never pull this look off, but I sure can dream.....

I wish I could afford to buy the entire a.p.c. collection each & every season (including the Madras line...Hey, btw did you know that Urban Outfitters is selling some of the Madras line now?...) I love the whole understated aesthetic they go for.  

acorns on my mind

Oak-y Dokey Garland

acorn locket necklace by madewell
Oh dear! I'm having an acorn fetish at the moment....My mom has been slowly growing my collection weekly and I even picked up some while at the Shenandoah Nat'l Park on Saturday....but these two items are just too cute to pass up, don't you think?  
Loving the locket tons.... I have a thing for lockets in general and this one is so timely..Imagine wearing it with a favorite turtleneck (Now, I never use to be one for wearing necklaces of any kind w. a turtleneck but I don't see why not.  What do you think?  I still haven't tried but I love the look---IF DONE RIGHT)
The garland is more for the nursery idea I'm concocting in my  head....I have so many ideas, but acorns & clouds are dominating the landscape!)

{Find the garland at Modcloth}
{Madewell locket is here}

Rediscovering Stila

So, in addition to rediscovering how awesome it is to get into the gym before work, I am also rediscovering some old faves from my gym bag. 2 in particular...Stila tinted moisturizer and convertible color. I kind of forgot how much I love Stila products and these 2 are mighty fine. The tinted moisturizer is a fave because of the great coverage without the heaviness of other t.m's And the convertible color...well, is there anything better than lipstick and blush in one product...ah...no.

More Birthdays!

If you haven't seen the brilliant ad campaign by the American Cancer Society, check out the website. Watch some favorites sing 'Happy Birthday' to survivors. Light a candle and tell the world what 'more birthdays' mean to you.

100% Love :)


I major-heart this Paris Snow Globe print by Clare Owen.  I am definitely picking this up...It reminds me of the fabby gold Paris snow globe Katie picked up for me years ago!  Whenever I make eye contact with one of my snow globes I always have to shake it---otherwise I think it's bad luck not to!