Film, fights and masks, masks, masks...Happy Weekend!

Oh boy...SOOOOOOOOOO happy it's Friday. What do you kiddos have planned? I am doing some serious running this weekend including...hair cut with Maria, getting to that gym and fights on Saturday night (can't wait to see everyone who's part of the unofficial 'MMA Fight Club"...you guys know who you are ;) ..ugh....not to mention all that raking that has got to begin. Chris is working on a local film shoot all weekend (actually all week)...and me, I'm making masks...and more masks for next weeks Rush Rhees Library Scare Fair. Here's one I concocted. It's kind of cool.

Have a lovely one all!


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  1. This is fabulous! Cannot wait to see the others... I bet it's a lot of work you're putting into this... Your party is going to be absolutely smashing!