Mulberry @ Target

Have you seen the new Mulberry bags at Target?  I didn't bother to go in last weekend ( I think I was just being lazy or trying to save a few bucks...probably a combo of both), and I'm kicking myself now!  I made it in on Friday afternoon and the first Target I went to had a horrible selection, which basically means the bags are popular!  Of course this made me want them--even more.  I did manage to snag the Pebble Mini Crossbody in black and thank goodness I got there just in time because another woman came right after me and was eying my catch.   I went to another Target and found a somewhat better selection, but the mid-size Pebble Crossbody was missing again.  I just decided to keep the mini because it was cute.

Now for the reviews:  It's cute for what it's worth:  It's a Mulberry design so I love it for that fact alone and for the price I paid ($14.99) it's a steal even if I just wear it a few times and keep it around.  I generally don't go for anything "mini" (only because I tend to carry about 50 lbs of stuff in my LV totes...Seriously, I could give someone head injury with all the stuff I carry), but I had been in the market for something very compact (will basically fit keys/small cell/some credit cards & cash) and this seemed to foot the bill.  Just the other day, I thought that I needed to downsize my usual large totes & even some of my smaller cross body bags because I'd look so awkward with that and a nappy bag in the very near future. So this small bag seems to fit what I need at the moment  (or very near future!)

Check it out if you can....but hurry! It'll be gone in a flash!


  1. So this is such a great post because I was wondering all weekend what you thought of the Mulberry for Target bags. I finally got a chance to check them out yesterday and while they had kind of been picked through...they did have at least one of each of the ones in the pic above. I opted not to get anything I guess because I was just a little disappointed in the whole line. The thing that just kept getting to me was that, prominently embossed on every bag was that 'Mulberry for Target' . It just kind of drove me crazy and I have a bad feeling that whatever I bought would end up in my attic sooner rather than later. I did like the smaller bags but I already have a few of those that I love (my Longchamp messenger bag is my fave)so I just did see the need for me. They are very fun though so I could see enjoying them :)

  2. These look really cute!! I'm sure they will be gone at our target in Pitt, but I'm not sure if I like the label Mulbery for Target placed on a prominent place on the bag either. I love target but I don't really like labels all over the place anyways.

  3. Check them out Laura and you'll see what I mean. It just looks weird and I'm telling you...if they eliminated just that, I might have bought one. The designs are super cute.